21 Feb

2022 ACPA Awards – full winners

Full list of recipients from the 2022 Australasian Catholic Press Association Awards


Category 1: Best News Content


The Catholic Leader – Plenary Council Series

I’ve chosen the Catholic Leader series of articles on the Plenary Council as number 1 because they have given a very comprehensive, balanced and broad coverage of the events leading up to, and daily coverage of the Plenary Council. Readers could see the progression of the Council throughout the week, the various topics and discussions and understand the process of the Council very clearly. The article witnesses to ‘an openness to diversity, and an openness to building something from the diversity’ (quoting Fr Mick Lowcok from the article.)

Highly Commended

Melbourne Catholic – Synodality a ‘new future’ for the Church

The runner up is the article Synodality a ‘new future’ for the Church. This is an excellent article on synodality which clearly explains the documents on Synodality and the Pope’s attitude on synodality and how it is a consultative process.


Category 2: Best Feature Content


The Catholic Weekly – “Anatomy of a Travesty” by Fr Frank Brennan

An excellent, clear and moving in-depth explanation and analysis and eye-opening account of how justice disintegrated in Victoria, highlighting the failures of the Victoria police, the prosecution and the two senior judges in relation to Cardinal Pell’s proceedings. It was brilliantly executed and gripping to the end.

Highly Commended #1

Columban Missions – “Climb every mountain”

A discussion on the address by Sr Joan Chittister in preparation for the Plenary Council, this article reminds us that “everything must grow up, religion too. It must be much more than obeying rules.” The article is written in a way that we wish to explore her address in more detail and wish we had been there in person to hear Sr Joan speak.

Highly Commended #2

The Southern Cross – “Barefoot and dancing with creation”

A powerful witness to a relationship with God. I was caught up with the first line and fascinated to the end.


Category 3: Best Editorial Column or Blog


NZ Catholic – “Teamwork pays”

Cleverly written editorial that leads one to think, to question choices and look at our decision-making process.

Highly Commended

Wel-com – “The coming of the fourth church”

Excellent, well-written and thought-provoking article on the culture of church over time. Though looking at the church in NZ it can be applied to and is relevant to churches everywhere.


Category 4: Best Headline


Catholic Outlook – “Move over, Manu, the kids are in the kitchen”

Clever use of words. It is a great introduction to the article.

Highly Commended

Marist Messenger – “Just play sausages”

Fun – leads you into wanting to read the article.


Category 5: Best Content – Climate and Environment


Aurora – August 2021 issue

The whole issue of the Aurora in August 2021 is an environmental theme and totally hits the mark with this category. Every article is thought-provoking and inspiring, and it is evident that a lot of thought and planning went into putting this issue together. Congratulations.

Highly Commended

Catholic Outlook – “Ahead of COP26: Diocese Parramatta and St Patrick’s Cathedral call for bold climate action by 2030”

This article demonstrates the action the Cathedral and the Diocese of Parramatta are taking to help fight climate change, fitting the brief of this category. Bishop Vincent Long and Fr Riedling, Dean of the Cathedral, are leading by example and challenging the Australian government to implement better environmental policies. It is well-written and shows the Church has a part to play in this global crisis. Well done.


Category 6 Best Content – Social Justice


Australian Catholics – “Dreaming of a Reconciled Australia”

This article explains the complexity of the reconciliation issue in Australia between the First Nations people and European settlers in a simple and easy-to-read format. Written from a First Nations perspective, it is written with hope and a positive outlook for the future. Congratulations.

Highly Commended

Melbourne Catholic – “Running from ISIS: The story of Monsignor Thair Sheikh”

A captivating article about an Iraqi priest and his difficulty in practicing his faith in his home country. Monsignor Thair survived a kidnapping and persecution before finally fleeing Iraq and making Australia his home in 2019. His story was highlighted as part of the Red Wednesday event, with churches across Australia lighting their buildings red to remember those Christians across the world suffering persecution. Well done Melbourne Catholic.


Category 7 – Best Content – Education


Kete Korero – Turangawaeware

Congratulations to Kete Korero for their outstanding submission. The supplement displayed Catholic teaching, highlighted the critical roles parents play as the first educators of children, was professionally designed and had a beautiful layout.

Highly Commended

The Cross Roads – East Symbols at Mary MacKillop

Congratulations to The Cross Roads for their piece on Easter symbols at Mary MacKillop. The piece was informative, highlighted Catholic teaching, and used a good combination of images and graphics to provide teaching on an important part of the Catholic faith.


Category 8 – Best Content Catechesis & Mission


Church Alive – “Even at 95 a missionary”

Congratulations to Church Alive for their piece on Sr Raingarde and her extraordinary life of service to transmit and live the Gospel to the community. Particular mention should be made of her outreach as a compassionate nurse working with orphaned and handicapped children. She was the face of Christ to the people of PNG.

Highly Commended

The Catholic Leader – “Matt shines the light on our faith”

The Catholic Leader and the March edition – Focus on Evangelisation. It was an outstanding edition which highlighted the work of that Archdiocese in bringing people to Christ and in transmitting the Gospel through word and work.


Category 9 – Best Content Faith & Life


Horizons – National Volunteer Week

Congratulations to Horizons for their feature on volunteers. The piece demonstrated the expression of Christian faith through the work of volunteers and reaching out to those in need.

Highly Commended

Divine Word Missionaries Society Matters – “Myanmar housing project puts love and faith into action”

Society Matters by the Divine Word and their housing project that put faith and love into action.


Category 10 Best Content – Ecumenical/Interfaith


The Southern Cross – “Gizi’s story – A flicker of light in the darkness”

This article was very engaging and had me hooked. Telling the story of a young Jewish woman being hidden from the Nazis by a young Christian man in Hungary during World War II, the author’s interview with the subject’s son was fascinating and explains the trust and friendship between a Jew and a Christian at this time, which has led her son to have a deep commitment to interfaith relations in modern Australia. Congratulations!

Highly Commended

Catholic Outlook – “Diocese of Parramatta welcomes faith leaders’ prayer in historic moment of solidarity”
This article was well written and tells the story of a great example of interfaith dialogue and connection. The Bishop of Parramatta’s Iftar dinner with faith leaders from many different religions showed interfaith dialogue at its best, with all faith leaders united in prayer. The story is explained well in easy-to-understand language and gives hope to the reader about a future of connection across all faiths. Well done.


Category 11 Best News Content – Multiple Content Producers 


The Majellan – COVID-19 Report

COVID-19 coverage (print and audio): ‘Pets aside, COVID is about babies,’ by Kate Moriarty (print); and ‘The difficulties of students working from home during the pandemic,’ with interviewer David Ahern (audio). Kate Moriarty has written a joyful article about the hopes and travails of expecting couples during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kate exhibits her skill in bringing the humanity of the article’s subjects and situations to the fore. Similarly, David Ahern allows his subjects – two high school students – to speak for themselves, bookended by his immaculate delivery. Both pieces were well-crafted and engaging.

Highly Commended

Melbourne Catholic – Coverage of the Plenary Council 2022

Writers for Melbourne Catholic used their considerable talents to tackle issues – some obvious and some bubbling under the surface – at the recent Plenary Council, encompassing an admirable breadth of discussion.


Category 12 Best Feature Content – Multiple Content Producers 


Madonna Magazine – Edition on ageing – Winter 2021

Madonna Magazine takes faith seriously in its interviews, vignettes and reflections on ageing, providing a fulsome array of thoughtful and thought-provoking content for Catholic readers.

Highly Commended

Diocese of Paramatta – COVID-19 Vaccination

‘Campaign designed to reassure parishioners of Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains the Catholic Church’s stance on the COVID-19 vaccination’

The Diocese of Paramatta spearheaded an extensive campaign to provide relevant messaging to Catholics at a time of great uncertainty and need. It did this in a multiplicity of languages and via different media, offering exemplary service to its diverse communities.


Category 13 Best Original Photograph


Giovanni Portelli, The Catholic Weekly“Honouring Him, they come”

This is a resonating photo with an inspiring vision. The photographer has a keen eye for understanding how to create an impact.

Highly Commended

Callum Howard, Aurora – “Staged Progression”

A well-thought out photo with lots of life and enthusiasm. Callum Howard has captured an exciting moment and carefully used technique and style to his advantage.


Category 14 Best Original Artwork


Australian Catholics – “The Waiting Place”

An emotive image that tugs at the heartstrings of what is a very real and distressing situation.

Highly Commended

Carmela Nepomuceno, Kete Korero – “Year of St Joseph”

A very pleasant to look at image of what is a very powerful and moving saint of our times.


Category 15 Best Front Page – Print or Online


Aurora – October 2021 Edition

There’s no defeating the photo on the cover of Aurora’s ‘A celebration of love’ edition. A good designer knows to get out of its way, a reflection of discernment and skill. Joy abounds, a wonderful cover.

Highly Commended

Salesians PNG – Church Alive

A significant event in the life of the nation requires a visual statement, and Church Alive have made it. A worthy and focused piece of design.


Category 16 Best Layout and Design – Website 


The Majellan

The Majellan website is a very encouraging and smart-looking platform. It is filled with very productive resources and information that every user should appreciate. The Majellan should be commended for its dedication to be a wealth of knowledge for modern families today.

Highly Commended

Australian Catholics – Jesuit Communications

Another very encouraging website that captures information and content for Catholics today. The Australian Catholics website is easy to use and is definitely highly recommended for all audiences looking to know more about our faith.


Category 17 Best Layout and Design – Publication (Print or Online)


Columban Missions, Columban Daily Prayer – Print and eBook

This is a design that is consistent, effective and restrained. It offers uncluttered elegance that assists – rather than overwhelms – the text. Beautiful.

Highly Commended


Is it possible for a publication to have too many good photos? This publication marries its visual elements with substantial amounts of copy but never in ways that feel claustrophobic. Consistently excellent.


Category 18 – Most Improved Publication


Kete Korero

Congratulations to Kete Korero for their revamped publication. They have taken their existing work and transformed it into a new and fresh-looking publication that shows creativity, quality design and layout.

Highly Commended

Columban Missions – 2022 Columban Art Calendar

Congratulations to the Columban Art Calendar. They have taken a simple calendar and turned it into a beautiful piece of art that allows for deeper reflection.


Category 19 Best Use of Digital Media 


Mass for you at Home

Mass for you at Home is working fantastically to engage with Catholic audiences, and does so very creatively at a time when it is needed most.

Highly Commended

The Majellan

An excellent set of digital resources for all Catholics today. The Majellan has well and truly entered the digital age with thought and precision.


Category 20 Best Advertising Feature/Supplement


NZ Catholic – Vocations Feature

This issue is a great example of an advertising feature. There is great content with lots of different articles showcasing the many vocations and latest stories in the space, mixed with advertisements throughout relevant to the subject matter. Congratulations.

Highly Commended

WelCom – Social Justice Week Caritas Feature

This double page spread advertising Caritas’ resources for Social Justice Week is eye-catching, colourful and would be engaging for children. The mix of graphics and text is well-balanced and conveys a clear message. Well done.




Eureka Street

As an online publication, Eureka Street provides the reader with a broad range of stories on a variety of topical and contentious issues. At the heart of this publication is the constant question of Social Justice and action and thought-provoking stories and commentary which will not allow the reader to be a passive consumer. The layout of the site is engaging, appealing, and striking. It presents as a smorgasbord of tasty morsels waiting to be opened and investigated and considered each on their individual merits. It knows its target audience and delivers.

Highly Commended

The Good Oil

This online site meets the criteria for original content and delivers to its 3000 readers on its mandate to “cover a range of topics across theology, mission, social justice, spirituality in day-to-day life, as well as human interest and feature profiles of individuals living their faith in ordinary and extraordinary ways.

On opening the site one is drawn in by its openness, sincerity, and clarity- so clearly in harmony with its aims and the spirituality of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan. It is a site full of honesty and integrity.




The Majellan

The award recognises the consistently high quality of the publication. The Majellan has a clear and unerring focus on family and family issues and provides a contemporary look at the issues facing families and the individuals they comprise. While contemporary issues are discussed openly and frankly, The Majellan remains faithful to Catholic teachings and provides a clear beacon for families dealing with the pressures and stresses of modern-day family life.

The publication format provides information in an easy and clear access format with relatable stories delivered in an honest manner. The award also recognises the quality of work delivered by a relatively small team.

Highly Commended

Tui Moto

A very worthy runner-up. The magazine has two full-time staff that provide a diverse range of seriously considered articles that provide views and perspectives on a range o topical subjects that are likely to prod and provoke readers. There is a distinctively pacific region tone that feels authentic and speaks to the concerns of the region both locally and internationally. Not all readers will agree with all the content and views but they will be challenged to consider their responsibilities as Christians. The look and presentation of the publications are fresh, modern, and inviting to one’s curiosity.



The Majellan – Majellan Media

Well done to The Majellan for being a prime example of a heartfelt and enthusiastic Catholic publication that is a true testament of the message of Pope Francis, who in his message of World Day of Communications, 2021, said to “come and see”, which was part of those first moving encounters of Jesus with the disciples, is also the method for all authentic human communication.